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Was meine Kunden sagen.

"An international moving is always something very tough to manage and that brings you a lot of stress. Luckily Simone managed my family moving from Vienna to Munich and she was simply great. She has been taking care of all our requests during and also after the moving, managing the requests of the landlord and the last bills calculation. Courtesy, competence and strict attention to the details are her added value. Five star strongly suggested service."

Michele L.

Das kann ich für Dich tun.

Aufklappbarer Text ist ideal für längere Abschnittstitel und Beschreibungen. So können Personen auf alle notwendigen Informationen zugreifen, während das Layout übersichtlich bleibt. Verlinke deinen Text beliebig oder richte ein Textfeld ein, das sich per Klick vergrößert. Text hier eingeben ...

"After getting a job offer abroad I was looking for, excitement was shortly swapped by stress – how to move my life (and belonging) from point A to B, while ensuring all administrative points are addressed? Relocation is one of the most stressful events one can face and having proper support is the key – I was lucky enough to have Simone helping me with my relocation. By being well structured, knowledgeable, transparent, punctual and available, Simone’s made my life easier. Thanks, Simone!"

Domagoj V.

Simone hat mich bei einer Bewerbung in englischer Sprache unterstützt. Trotz guter eigener Englischkenntnisse war ich positiv überrascht, welche Feinheiten es hier zu beachten gab. Simone hat mir mit ihrer freundlichen und kompetenten Art zu einer perfekten Bewerbung in englischer Sprache verholfen.

René Niederhuber

“After moving to couple of countries and having experience with various reallocation companies, I can firmly state that working with Simone brought the biggest relief to my family during those stressful days. Simone’s commitment gave us a comfort that we can always count on her.”

Marko V.

Moving country is a very exciting but challenging time, especially when moving with a family. Support, guidance and practical help is needed in order to make moving as seamless as possible. Simone provides an extremely professional service, that covers all accepts of a move, no matter how big or small. Ranging from accommodation/school searches, rental contracts, dealing with landlords/estate agents , bureaucratic agencies any aspect of a move - she is there to support. What I find so refreshing about Simone is that she is solution focused and nothing is a problem for her. Her professional, down to earth manner is what sets her apart. Simone and her services come highly recommended. I have used her for two international moves , one from Vienna to Milan and then Milan to Vienna.

Alison O.

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