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This is me.

Hardly anything in life is more exciting and enriching - yet more challenging - than moving to a foreign country temporarily or for good. It is a great adventure to immerse into an unknown environment.

In 1991 - with youthful exuberance, little hesitation and not so much of a plan - I dove into the California way of life in San Diego. This carefree time was one of the most beautiful, yet teaching and mind-opening episodes of my life so far.

After returning to Austria I found my place in marketing with it's many facets of communication. My daily working scope ranged from classical advertising agendas, interfacing marketing activities within the CEE region to upscale PR activities. The psychology of communication has always been a topic to capture me and still does today. In our social media age, specifically, psychological triggers are of outstanding importance. Good content must inspire emotions!

In my 20 years as a relocation consultant I experienced first-hand just how complex and versatile interpersonal communication actually is, regardless if verbal, written, visual or nonverbal. When working with expatriates, HR managers, authorities and other parties involved communication is like a bunch of keys: it takes a fine-tuned sense to find the fitting key for the right lock.

I particularly enjoy "playing with words" - to create the perfect phrase and spice it with a well-fitting pun in both German (native) and English (C2)! And above all: the message must come across!

In private I am the mom of two teenagers - the best training for highly efficient organization and planning with a continuous set of last minute adaptations and course corrections. 😊

I believe in:

Focus on my client!

I always strive to build a strong partnership with my clients and be the competent first point of contact for any arising question or problem. Consistent and reliable work creates trust!


Good advice is valuable!

Trust me with your project from A to Z! I will accompany you all the way, show you the best options or point out challenges. I am here to offer advice.


Quality means care!

I put my entire knowledge and experience at your disposal. Appropriate advice and meticulous planning ensure efficiency. This supports your well-being throughout the relocation process and benefits your budget also.


A network of professionals!

Over the years I have experienced all kinds of obstacles in various process sections. But with my established network of trustworthy and highly professional service providers I am able to handle those in each of my service areas. I consider myself lucky to have an excellent professional at my side for almost every task that arises.

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