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Get an idea.

Yes or no?

You would like to get a first-hand impression of the country, it's cities and people, before taking your final decision? Quite understandable.


Let me take you on a personally guided discovery journey.
Based on your interests, which we have previously discussed via video call and email, I will help you to get a first impression of the essence of Austria and it's people.

In a personal exchange, I will provide you with an overview of

  • the real estate market

  • child care facilities and school systems

  • health care system

  • details and intricacies of everyday life

Real estate market

  • Living areas
  • Apartment or house
  • availability of outdoor and open spaces
  • Furniture options
  • Special features
  • Peculiarities of the Austrian real estate market​
Image by Jacek Dylag
Image by Ben White


Schooling systems

  • General information on the schooling system and child care options

  • International schools

  • Overview of suitable options

  • Explanation of registration process in public or private facilities

  • Special features to consider!

Health care system

  • General information on the health care system

  • Overview of included services and how to obtain them

  • Requirements for eligibility

  • Explanation of processes

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Image by Gary Butterfield


  • General information on various authorities involved and the processes required in your special situation

  • What is to be observed?

  • What can be done?

  • Overview of the timetable of processes to be expected

Daily life

  • General information on daily life

  • Hints and tips

  • Do's and don'ts 

  • Overview of options on recreational activities and memberships (gyms), preferences (libraries, museums, concerts etc.), sports activities and sports clubs and much more.

Image by Roman Bodnarchuk
Image by Moj taba Hoseini


My network of immigration specialists will take perfect care of all your questions relating to the Austrian labour and residence laws. These service providers will provide you with comprehensive information and support thanks to their many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the applicable requirements.

Of course, I will remain by your side to support you along this process.

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