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Get a grip.

Ready to settle in.


The mayhem of moving has been successfully mastered and you feel like you are starting to settle in? Marvelous!

However, there are still some open tasks to consider:

Drivers licence

Foreign drivers licences must not be used for an extended period of time:

  • When is the exchange of the drivers licence required?

  • Prerequisites for the exchange

  • Support in processing the exchange

  • Acoompanied assistance at the authority in charge

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Resident registration

A vital document within the Austrian bureaucracy:

  • Explanation of the process

  • Preparation of the required from

  • Supply of required signatures (Landlord/home owner signature is imperative)

  • Accompanied visit at authority in charge

Social insurance

  • General information on the Austrian health care system
  • Overview of services and processes
  • Clarification on eligibility of access to the system, also for (immediate) family members
  • Support of co-insurance of family members
  • Support of applications for family services such as the family allowance or the child care allowance
  • Accompanied visit for taking of eCard photo
  • Follow and support of extensions
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  • Explanation on how Finanz-Online (the Austrian online access to financial services) works?
  • Support with the registration
  • Support and process explanation of "Handysignatur" (mobile phone ID tool)

Leisure time

  • General information on

    • recreational activities and memberships (gyms)

    • preferences (libraries, museums, concerts etc.)

    • sports activities and sports clubs and much more.

  • Pre-selection of suitable options​​

  • Coordination of appointments

  • Accompanied visits

  • Support with registrations

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Baby services

Such wonderful news!

Prior to the arrival of your precious one:

  • Options of birth clinics

  • Accompanied visits if desired

  • Support with the registration at the chosen birth clinic

After you welcomed your baby:

  • Support with the application for the birth certificate, co-insurance and resident registration

  • Support with obtaining the Apostille, if required by your Embassy

  • Information on additional steps (passport, residence permit etc.)


  • Overview of various insurance options

    • Household

    • Liability 

    • Legal protection insurance

    • Supplementary health insurance

  • Consultancy by insurance agents in my network​

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Dog registration

  • Overview on mandatory dog registration and affiliated tax

  • Preparation of registration papers

  • Support in the process 

  • Follow up


  • Overview of the services, which are accessible with the eCard

  • Support in providing the photo required for the eCard

  • Accompanied visit at authority for the eCard if requested

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Image by Samuel-Elias Nadler

Daily life

Hints and tips as well as do's and don'ts in daily life. 

  • public transportation

  • waste separation

  • bulky waste

  • shopping facilities

  • doctor's search

  • in case of an emergency:

    • locksmith

    • lost and found

    • water or gas leaks

  • cultural and culinary experiences

  • holiday destination Austria

  • summer camps for children

  • and much more...

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